Hello, welcome to the hub for all things Dreamietube related! I'm a nonbinary bi grey-ace v-creator! I'm also autistic, have suspected ADHD, and other brain stuff I don't want to disclose too publicly (including potential fatigue issues). Outside of my lore I am 27 years old. I draw, stream, and make short videos and video essays sometimes. Here you can be able to find more information about me and the links to all my websites, I hope you enjoy your stay! ♡
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Many of my links are for 18+. I am not a lewdtuber but this is due to the games I play, along with the content and the humor I may talk about. The only NSFW content I have is art and writings that will only be on this locked account. For the locked account, I will not accept requests from minors or those who do not have their age in their bio. The only 13+ account I have is Tiktok as it is impossible for me to properly go through accounts at times, especially when it's various blank bios. I do not put any of my 18+ content on this account.
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E-Mail: dreamietube@gmail.com (business inquiries and the such only)
If you would like to support me, you can either buy my (hand-drawn) merch, gifts from my Throne, send monetary donations through Twitch through subscriptions or regular donations, or donate through my Ko-Fi!